SIMM Capital Launches $100 Million Affordable Housing Fund

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] – February 7, 2024 – SIMM Capital, a leading investment management firm committed to fostering inclusive communities, proudly announces the launch of its latest initiative – a $100 million Affordable Housing Fund aimed at addressing the pressing need for accessible housing options across the nation.

With an acute awareness of the housing challenges facing many communities, SIMM Capital has pledged to leverage its expertise and resources to make a meaningful impact. The Affordable Housing Fund represents a strategic investment in the future, aimed at providing safe, stable, and affordable housing options for individuals and families of all backgrounds.

“We recognize the critical role that affordable housing plays in building thriving communities,” said Mat Simmons, CEO of SIMM Capital. “Our Affordable Housing Fund reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing this pressing issue and creating lasting positive change.”

The $100 million fund will support the development and preservation of affordable housing units, with a focus on areas facing acute affordability challenges. SIMM Capital’s comprehensive approach to investment prioritizes projects that not only provide housing but also promote economic opportunity and community engagement.

“We believe that access to affordable housing is a fundamental human right,” added Mat Simmons. “Through strategic partnerships and innovative investment strategies, we aim to create pathways to stable housing and greater economic security for all.”

SIMM Capital’s Affordable Housing Fund will target a diverse range of projects, including new construction, rehabilitation, and preservation efforts. By working closely with developers, local governments, and community organizations, the fund seeks to maximize its impact and ensure that investments align with the unique needs of each community served.

For more information about SIMM Capital and its Affordable Housing Fund, please visit or contact Clyde Callicot.

About SIMM Capital:

SIMM Capital is a leading private equity real estate investment firm dedicated to driving positive economic change through strategic investments across multifamily and affordable housing. With a focus on inclusive growth, SIMM Capital seeks to generate both financial returns and meaningful impact for communities nationwide.


Clyde Callicot

Marketing Director, SIMM Capital



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